The families I work with are adventurous and free, savor life, laugh a lot and treasure time spent together. When we meet, I want your family to let loose, embrace the moment, get silly, laugh and have fun. I believe my gift is being able to document your family's life in a way that captures your true spirits, pure and authentic so you will always recognize each other from this season of life.

Most call me Jo.

I am a child of God. A happy wife. A loving daughter + sister.

Ice Cream + Beach Lover.

But I'm also a dream seeker turned photographer who tells stories full of light, love, sunsets + emotional connections... and then stops at McD's on the way home from sessions to get fries and a diet coke. C'est la vie, right? I’m free spirited and love a good laugh. I'll always choose a comedy for movie night. Quality time is my love language, oh and tacos, definitely tacos. I have grandiose ideas, the biggest heart and basically live in my own imaginary world... total enneagram 4 here ha! I love exploring and have dreams of travelling the world. 

My family means the world to me and I married my best friend, my go-to guy. I'm obsessed with good music, books, company and food. I love board games, charades, mad gab and pretty much any fun game! Summers are my favorite. My heart lives at the beach and craves the peaceful way my soul rests there and this is absolutely why beach sessions always always top my list.


God gave us love and light, focusing on these things are what drives and inspires me. My passion is people, for telling emotional stories and creating something beautiful and unique with them. I believe there's a reason we resonate so with art and photos, it stirs inside us those feelings of love and light, and we can remember just how wonderful life is. A reminder of our purpose on Earth.

10 Random Things About Me

I love web and art design.

I thrive on good vibes, positive energy, love and laughing.

I love yoga but hate working out.

I love food too much, especially ice cream and mac&cheese.

The Office and Michael Scott are the best. 

Finding Nemo is still one of my faves.

I need an extended vacation in Italy, because pasta + wine.

I graduated from UCF - Go Knights!

I talk to myself, a lot.

I am destined to be a dog mom.

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