This is an investment into this season of your life. A time that will soon be just a sweet memory. This is to truly capture who you are as a family right now. The laughter. The hugs and cuddles. The way you hold hands. The joyful and quiet moments. The growing baby bump. The tiny hands and feet. The growing up. All the love you share with each other.

Photography is so much more than holding a camera and snapping a pic.

My philosophy: Photography is about loving people.


It's about the people who matter most to us. It's about our story here on Earth, together. It's about wanting to remember every. little. detail. about the people we love, Because we love them so much, we don't ever want to forget one thing about them... but our human mind just isn't capable on it's own. A photograph though... A photograph can hold all of those little details... forever. That's why photography is so special, why it means so much to me, and why it means so much for my clients.

So I will make your investment worth it. This is important to you. And it's important to me, too. I will show up for you in all the best ways. I will capture your story that tells of where and who you are as a family right now, so you will always have these sweet memories together. After awhile, your family's collection of memories will have woven itself together to tell one of the most beautiful love stories of all time.


Life's a Beach Session - $450

Relaxed Time Setting

45 Professionally Edited Images

Option to purchase more

Styling Consult

Access to my 'Client Closet' mama and baby wardrobe

Digital Photo Album + Print Release

Session at Sunset or Sunrise

This session is the one where you feel free to let the magic unfold. The messy, beautiful magic that we call life. It's where we let real life lead us. It's relaxed and laid back, hakuna-matata style. We have fun and play, we smile and giggle with each other, we give kisses and hold hands, we snuggle up then let the little ones run around. We explore. We have loud, funny moments, we have sweet, tender moments and all the in-between moments, too. We'll be sure to snag a few 'smile at the camera' shots that Grandma and Grandpa will love. We'll soak it allll up, this little adventure we're on. And I'm there to capture every little detail.


Cape Canaveral - Cocoa Beach - New Smyrna Beach Location


Just $100 retainer to hold your desired date

Milestone Package has it's own payment schedule

Every Little Detail Session - $400

Relaxed Time Setting

45 Professionally Edited Images

Option to purchase more

Styling Consult

Access to my 'Client Closet' Wardrobe mama and baby wardrobe

Digital Photo Album + Print Release

Session at Sunset or Sunrise

This session includes everythingggg from the Life's a Beach Package. It's relaxed, we let the magic unfold and we let life happen - as silly or chaotic as it may get, it's all naturally beautiful because it's your sweet family. We smile, play, explore and we feel free to be our real selves. We go on a little adventure and I'm there to capture every little detail.


Takes place in the Orlando Area.

Lovely and Light Session - $275

Half Hour Session at Sunset or Sunrise

15 Professionally Edited Images

Option to purchase more

Access to my Style Guide + my 'Client Closet' mama and baby wardrobe

Digital Photo Album + Print Release

This session is the one where we have some time for smiles, a few snuggles and sweet moments, plus a "smile at the camera" shot. We keep it light, fun and full of love.


Takes place in the Orlando Area.

Milestone Package

5 Sessions: 1 Relaxed Session, 4 Half Hour Sessions

Scheduled every 3 months over 1 year

5 Styling Consults + Access to my 'Client Closet'

5 Digital Photo Albums + Print Release

This package is the one where we celebrate all the seasons of your life together over one full year. it's perfect for welcoming your sweet little babe into the world.
We capture the highlights and the magical growth your family experiences. We grow through those exciting milestones like the heart-melting first smiles, the wobbly sitter stage, the almost crawl and baby's first steps - all of the moments that tug at your proud parent heartstrings!

Can use a session for maternity, too!

Package includes discounted sessions, contact me for all the fun details and pricing.



Reserve Your Date


Coordinate Wardrobe + Location


Storytelling Time


See the Magic


Send me a message through my website, email or chat with me on Instagram! We'll talk about you and your sweet family, then we'll get to what type of session you want to book, your desired date and choose a great location for your session - I have awesome spots from gorgeous beach locations near Cocoa Beach to pretty parks and fields in the Orlando area. We'll discuss Styling and Outfits too - more on that below! $100 retainer to hold your desired date and a signed electronic contract to complete your booking.

#1 TIP for an awesome session: HAVE FUN! Don't worry about getting the perfect smiles for the camera or if the wind is blowing like crazy or if someone cries. Just focus on your family and enjoy each other's company, play around, hold hands, give hugs and kisses, soak in each moment for whatever it brings, close your eyes, take deep breaths, snuggle your little one and sway them gently. Seriously, just have fun y'all and the magic will happen!

So.... Styling and Outfits! Y'all... what you wear totally affects the final product and vibe of your images and I want you to be in loveeee with everything about them! So I think it's 100% worth it to put a little effort into this area and I want you to let me help you haha... seriously I love styling families so much and I will make it easy for you!!


Styling outfits and providing your family with all kinds of tips and suggestions is so much fun for me! You may be wondering if it really makes a difference, but trust me when I tell you it totally does! The best outfits will draw the focus on you and your family, we don't want any loud or crazy distractions like neons or silly patterns. Your clothing should help tell your story by adding elements of warmth, texture and movement, and should compliment your family members and the environment we're in. It doesn't have to be hard or stressful - promise! I'll create a beautiful, unique look for your whole family that you're sure to love and feel comfortable in, too!

Plus you'll get my What to Wear Guide andddd you'll have access to my Client Closet which is a collection that I own filled with beautiful dresses, kimonos, skirts and tops for mamas plus outfits for your little one to borrow during the session! Check out the collection here!

Don't see what you're looking for or have questions? Contact me and we'll plan something awesome!

1. Is there a travel fee?

Session fees above include travel to cities listed in the descriptions.

The travel fee for a session in locations beyond what is listed is $20+ depending on distance.

2. How do I book and pay for my session?

When you're ready to book (WOOHOO! Let's get this party started!) send me a message from the Contact Page letting me know what type of session and date you'd like to book, I'll email you back with info about my availability then you just pay a $100 retainer to hold your desired date. You'll also sign a Client Agreement and we'll confirm the exact location afterwards. Your remaining balance isn't due until 7 days prior to our session date. If you book with less than 7 days before your session, full payment is due upon booking.
All payments will be accepted through Google Pay - you don't need a gmail account to use this free service.

3. What is the turnaround time for receiving our photos? 

You'll receive a link to your private digital photo album within 2-4 weeks after our session.

4. Do you help with styling? aka: What should we wear?

Yes, I'm here to help you every step of the way! This is so much fun and clothing is so important, y'all! It really add so much to your photos and takes them to a new level of beautiful! We'll incorporate and select outfits and accessories that reflect your family's style and compliment the location we'll be shooting at. You'll get my detailed Style Guide with tons of tips and suggestions plus styling assistance all along the way. I'm even happy to send you a list of where to shop and/ or specific links to clothing items for everyone in the family if you want fun, new outfits. Mamas + babies have access to my Client Closet - read all about it below!

5. What is a client closet and how does it work?

Made with you in mind, mama! I own a growing collection of beautiful women's dresses, tops, skirts and kimonos, as well as cute baby outfits, unique wraps and blankets for you and baby to borrow and wear at your session. I carefully purchase each piece because I have tested them and know they'll photograph beautifully, the colors and patterns will look flattering on you and great in the photos. After you book, you'll get a link to a web page that has photographs of all the pieces with size info so you can browse and choose which pieces you like. I'll show up to our session about 15 minutes early so you can check them out and get dressed. This client closet is an added value when you book with Jordan Brooke Photography and was created to help alleviate stress when it comes to choosing your outfit - this way, mama can wear a pretty, new outfit without having to go out and buy something if she doesn't want to. All clothing items and blankets of mine are washed and sanitized between each client.

6. Do you offer photo art and printed products such as wall art, prints, photo albums, etc?

Yes! I absolutely do and I have some really cool, unique options for how to display your images. I also love to design collages and suggest specific products that will go great with your current home decor. When you receive your digital photo gallery, you'll receive info on products and how to order. Seeing images come to life in your home is one of the best parts of this journey!

7. Do you have location suggestions?

I have a list of my go-to spots that I love shooting at and shoot at often, so I know these locations well and trust they'll look beautiful in photos. I'm down to check out new places too, so just let me know. Lighting is KEY though!!

8. What time will our session start at?

Fun fact: Since lighting is one of the biggest factors for our session, I always shoot at golden hour which takes place at sunrise or just before sunset because this is when the sunlight is softest, prettiest and most flatteringDuring summer, sunsets are a bit later in the evening and tend to fall around little one's bed times but it's worth it for one magical night together. Try having them nap later that day and be sure to eat dinner before we meet, it should help everyone's energy levels. For in-home newborn sessions, I work with you to choose the time of day when your home gets the most natural light exposure, usually this will be sometime in the morning.

9. Do you bring props to the session?

I only bring a few different blankets that will go well with your session, including some gorgeous cream lace ones and fun colorful ones. At most of my sessions, we'll use things in nature like little wildflowers, too.

10. Can I post my photos to facebook/instagram?

Definitely! I love when clients share my work with their family and friends! Please just make sure that you give me credit by tagging my business page anytime you post them online. And please don't edit/manipulate the photos in any way (ex: filters, cropping). They're made with love for you!

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